Artificial Nails: 

Hard Gel Finger Nails (clear)


Hard Gel Nails Extension (per set)


Hard Gel Nails Extension (per nail)


Soft Gel Finger Nails (clear)


Finger Nail Take-off + Manicure w/ Polish


Hard Gel Toe Nails (clear)


Soft Gel Toe Nails (clear)


Toe Nail Take-off + Pedicure w/ Polish


(*) We are happy to repair any damaged nails within 7 days of your treatment at no additional charges.

Natural Nails:

Manicure w/ Polish


French Manicure


Pedicure w/ Polish


French Pedicure


Men's Manicure


Men's Pedicure


Nail Arts: 

Color / Glitter / French Style


Ombre / Multi-Color


Hand Drawing Nail Art


Nail Accessories


Acrylic Nail Art




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New prices effective from June 1st, 2021.